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About Course

- Over 15+ Learning hours - Basic To Advanced Level Teaching - Read Markets with New Vision - Over 3+ MONTHS LIVE PreRecorded trade Executions by Edz - Edz Strategy - Psychology/Mindset Training +Much More

Edz Aim

At Edz Trading Academy, our aim is to be able to teach people the markets in the most simplified form. Our packages are designed for all levels of trading. Whether you have no knowledge of currency trading(in other words foreign exchange trading) or you’re already in the markets & just want to add a bit more clarity to your trading. In this course you’ll start by learning the basics of forex & as you keep progressing we will be getting more in-depth & advanced. Throughout your progress, you’ll have some tasks at hand to complete! With some interactive quizzes to ensure you're always on the right track.

ETA Style of Trading

As you progress in the course, you’ll start learning the Edz Trading Academy way of trading. Where he will be teaching you how to minimize the drawdown on your trades while maximizing your upside for high risk to reward ratios. Edz usually focuses on Day/Swing way of trading.


  • PreRecorded Live Trading by Edz

Not only will you get access to the ETA, style of trading. You'll have access to over 3 months of Edz applying the taught concepts in the markets. This will allow you to see the different scenarios & thought processes Edz, goes through before entering the markets!

  • ETA Student Support

After becoming a student, you'll have access to Student Support. If you ever feel stuck or confused don't hesitate to drop a message!

  • Trading Plan

From experience, some individuals will take a course & not be given a plan of action to follow. As an ETA, student you'll have access to a Risk management plan & a 18 month trading plan!

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We offer in just : 139.99$

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